Seminar on the CWC and Chemical Safety and Security Management for Member States of the OPCW in the GRULAC Region

San Jose, Costa Rica

15 – 18 July 2019


To improve the national framework for chemical safety and security management, to facilitate the oversight of high-risk chemical facilities and to promote international cooperation programmes that focus on the implementation of chemical safety and security management in view of implementing Article XI of the Convention.

The overall goal is to sensitise States Parties to the new approaches in chemical law that can be adopted in relation to chemical safety and security management, with a particular focus on national policy and legal frameworks to promote and share good practices among chemical industries.


This seminar will allow ample time for question-and-answer sessions, and will include theoretical and practical components. During the seminar, participants will be provided with updated information on, inter alia, current practices and concepts relating to the safety and security management, modern safety and security strategies, current models on chemical safety and security policies, current trends in safety and security management strategies in the chemical industry, and chemical site security management and safety and security culture. Best practices from the chemical industry will also be presented. Leading experts in chemical safety and security management will give presentations and facilitate the discussions.

Seminar participants will be expected to prepare brief presentations on current policies, legislation, or directives on safety and security management practices based on their experience, including suggestions for improving the safety management culture in their respective countries or companies for which they work.

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