Seventeenth Regional Meeting of National Authorities of States Parties in Asia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

25 – 27 June 2019


This regional meeting will serve as a forum in which States Parties in the region can address various national implementation issues, the initiatives, capacity-building programmes and activities organised by the Technical Secretariat, as well as other issues relating to the Convention. National Authorities will also share good practices and challenges in fulfilling their duties as focal points for effective liaison with the OPCW for national implementation of the Convention.


  • Discuss updates and trends in the national implementation of the Convention;
  • Share and discuss practices and challenges facing States Parties in the national implementation of the Convention, and explore potential mutual cooperation and support among States Parties in Asia;
  • Discuss approaches and means to further improve capacity-building programmes of the Secretariat that meet the specific needs of the States Parties in Asia;
  • Discuss the ways and means to support the National Authorities and other stakeholders, such as facilitating the effective implementation of the National Implementation Framework; and
  • Hold bilateral meetings between the representatives of National Authorities and with the Secretariat staff on issues pertaining to national implementation, including progress on the adoption of national legislation and the implementation of Article VI requirements.

Expected Results

  • Increased awareness of the status of Convention implementation, and a shared understanding and enhanced sense of ownership by the National Authorities of the national implementation challenges; and
  • The collection of feedback both on the ways and means to further improve capacity-building activities for the region and on the tools to improve national implementation, including the National Implementation Framework

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