The Eighth Regional Basic Training Course on Emergency Response to Chemical Incidents for States Parties in Asia

Seoul, Republic of Korea

13 – 17 May 2019


The course, which will be jointly organised by the Government of the Republic of Korea and the Technical Secretariat is related to capacity building for national and regional emergency response within the framework of Article X of the Chemical Weapons Convention and will provide training for up to 20 participants in planning and building a support team for civil protection, civil defence, and decontamination operations in contaminated areas, as well as in appropriate responses and countermeasures in the event of incidents involving chemical warfare agents or toxic industrial chemicals. It will also give an overview of what kind of assistance the OPCW, the host country, and Member States in Asia can provide, and will assist participating Member States in establishing a basic capability in protection from chemical weapons, which will directly benefit their civilian populations.


The course will offer a basic introduction to the use of protective equipment and monitoring, detection, and decontamination techniques. Participants completing the basic course will acquire general knowledge of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals, and knowledge and understanding of the use of individual protective equipment, equipment for detection and decontamination, and medical countermeasures. The course will facilitate the exchange of information and experiences regarding the implementation of Article X of the Convention and will provide a forum for the discussion of future cooperation among participating Member States and what further assistance they might make to the OPCW under Article X.

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