Sixteenth Session of the Conference of States Parties

Dates: 28 November - 2 December 2011
Location: World Forum Convention Centre, The Hague

Reports, Agendas and Related Documents

      Document Symbol Title Date  
    C-16/5 Report of the Sixteenth Session of the Conference of the States Parties 28 November – 2 December 2011 01/12/2011
    C-16/4 Report of the OPCW on the Implementation of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction in 2010 29/11/2011
    CSP-16/DG.18 Opening Statement by the Director-General to the Conference of the States Parties at its Sixteenth Session 27/11/2011

National Statements

      Document Symbol Title Date  
    C-16/NAT.39 Argentina: Statement by the Delegation of the Republic of Argentina at the Sixteenth Session of the Conference of the States Parties 29/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.22 Philippines: Statement by Ambassador Lourdes G. Morales, Permanent Representative of the Philippines 29/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.24 Libya: Statement by Mr Ahmed Hassan Walid, Permanent Representative of Libya to the OPCW 29/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.31 United States of America: Statement by Ambassador Robert P. Mikulak, United States Permanent Representative 29/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.2 Indonesia: Statement by Mr. Umar Hadi, Minister of the Republic of Indonesia in The Hague 29/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.26 The Republic of Iraq: Statement by H.E. Ahmed Bamerni, Head of the Department of International Organisations and Cooperation in the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs 28/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.32 Switzerland: Statement by Ambassador Markus Börlin, Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the OPCW 28/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.29 South Africa: Statement on Behalf of the African Group of States Parties 28/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.25 Poland: Statement on Behalf of the European Union by H.E. Mara Marinaki, Managing Director for Global and Multilateral Issues of the European External Action Service 28/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.33 Norway: Statement by H.E. Ambassador Anniken R. Krutnes, Permanent Representative of Norway to the OPCW 28/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.23 Mexico: Statement by Ambassador Jorge Lomónaco, Permanent Representative of the Mexico 28/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.22 Philippines: Statement of the Philippines by Ambassador Lourdes G. Morales. Permanent Representative to the OPCW 28/11/2011
    C-16/NAT.14 Croatia: Statement by H.E. Vesela Mrđen Korać, Head of the Croatian Delegation at the Sixteenth Session of the Conference of the States Parties 28/11/2011
    C-15/NAT.11 United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland: Statement to the 15th Session of the Conference of the States Parties 30/11/2010
    C-15/NAT.15 Islamic Republic of Iran: Statement by H.E. Mr Mohammad Mahdi Akhondzadeh, Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs at the Fifteenth Session of the Conference of the States 29/11/2010


      Document Symbol Title Date  
    C-16/DEC.13 Decision: The Establishment of the International Support Network for Victims of Chemical Weapons and the Establishment of a Voluntary Trust Fund for This Purpose 02/12/2011
    C-16/DEC.12 Decision: Programme and Budget of the OPCW for 2012 02/12/2011
    C-16/DEC.14 Decision: Amendment of Rule 54 of the Rules of Procedure of the Conference of the States Parties 02/12/2011
    C-16/DEC.15 Decision: Scale of Assessments for 2012 02/12/2011
    C-16/DEC.16 Decision: Universality of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Further Implementation of the Universality Action Plan 02/12/2011
    C-16/DEC.11 Decision: Final Extended Deadline of 29 April 2012 01/12/2011
    C-16/DEC.10 Decision: Components of an Agreed Framework for the Full Implementation of Article XI 01/12/2011
    C-16/DEC.7 Decision: Amendments to the Financial Regulations and Rules of the OPCW 30/11/2011
    C-16/DEC.8 Decision: Write-Offs of Irrecoverable Account Receivables and of Losses of Assets 30/11/2011
    C-16/DEC.6* Decision: Proposal from Uzbekistan for a Multi-Year Payment Plan to Regularise the Payment of Its Outstanding Annual Contributions 30/11/2011
    C-16/DEC.5 Decision: Renewal of the Appointment of the External Auditor of the OPCW 30/11/2011
    C-16/DEC.6 Decision: Proposal for a Multi-Year Payment Plan to Regularise the Payment of Outstanding Annual Contributions 30/11/2011
    C-16/DEC.9 Decision: Future Implementation of the Tenure Policy of the OPCW 30/11/2011
    C-16/DEC.4 Decision: Modalities for Schedule 2 Facility Agreements 29/11/2011