The following is a list of links to recent articles, papers and reports on chemical disarmament, non-proliferation, assistance and protection, international cooperation and other related issues.  

Analysis of Chemicals Relevant to the Chemical Weapons Convention Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

04 September 2014Full story

The Hero’s Riddle Nobel Peace Prize Forum

21 August 2014Full story

The dichotomy of chemical engineering (Day 77) IchemE President's Blog

12 August 2014Full story

The promise of the Syrian chemical weapons plan Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

12 June 2014Full story

Syria’s Chemical Weapon Mess and Great Power Game Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict

26 September 2013Full story

IUPAC, OPCW, and the Chemical Weapons Convention Chemistry International

13 August 2013Full story

In the Shadow of Syria: Review of the Chemical Weapons Convention Polish Institute of International Affairs

24 July 2013Full story

The CWC and OPCW: Future Course and Challenges Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

20 June 2013Full story

A Chemical Weapons–Free Middle East Center for Strategic and International Studies

21 May 2013Full story

The future of the CWC in the post-destruction phase EU Institute for Security Studies

27 March 2013Full story

The meaning of Halabja Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

25 March 2013Full story

How to Revitalize Disarmament Efforts Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

09 January 2013Full story

The CWC: Policy and Planning Aspects SIPRI Arms Control and Non-proliferation Programme

31 December 2012Full story

Paths forward for the Nuclear Suppliers Group Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

31 December 2012Full story

Time for Angola to Ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention Institute for Security Studies

11 December 2012Full story

Blisters and Sanctions Middle East Research and Information Project

25 November 2012Full story

Trust, but socially verify Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

14 August 2012Full story

UN Targets Syria’s Weapons Chemical & Engineering News

13 August 2012Full story

Africa: Tear Gas Seen as a Potentially Lethal Weapon Netherlands Worldwide

06 August 2012Full story

Syrian Conflict Promises Toxic Outcome Yale Global Online

26 June 2012Full story

Legally incapacitated, politically outmaneuvered Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

07 June 2012Full story

Work Seen Needed on Mideast Meeting Arms Control Today

05 June 2012Full story

A Flexible Nerve-Gas Sensor Chemical & Engineering News

09 May 2012Full story

Believing in a Mideast WMD-free zone International Institute for Strategic Studies

04 May 2012Full story

Seizing the Opportunity to Create a WMD-free Middle East James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS)

02 May 2012Full story

Help or Harm? Chemistry World (Royal Society of Chemistry, UK)

01 May 2012Full story

Chemical weapons destruction deadline missed Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

24 April 2012Full story

Enzyme may counter nerve gas attack Press Association (UK)

20 April 2012Full story

Remembering Halabja Council on Foreign Relations

14 March 2012Full story

Assad's toxic assets Foreign Policy

13 March 2012Full story

WMD nightmare in Syria Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

01 March 2012Full story

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