The International Support Network for Victims of Chemical Weapons

A monument dedicated to victims of chemical weapons, which is displayed in the garden of the OPCW headquarters in The Hague.

On its Sixteenth Session, the Conference of the States Parties adopted Decision C-16/DEC.13 [PDF, 25 KB] on The Establishment of the International Support Network for Victims of Chemical Weapons and the establishment of a voluntary trust fund for this purpose.

According to this Decision, the Technical Secretariat has been requested to establish links to appropriate sources of information relevant to the victims of chemical weapons, and establish and administer a subpage on the OPCW official website to contain information on the history of use of chemical weapons from a victims perspective, details of relevant international and regional organisations, and of NGOs mandated to provide assistance to victims of chemical weapons, and information on international events to promote the Convention, at which victims of chemical weapons and representatives from relevant NGOs could participate.

This page will initially serve as a platform aimed at facilitating the development of the concept of the Support Network. The upcoming Network will contain specialised information on matters related to victims of chemical weapons.

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History of Use of Chemical Weapons Against Mankind
A short history of the use of Chemical Weapons from World War I till 1995.
Photo Gallery
Photographs related to the Victims Network
International and Non-Governmental Organisations
International Organisations and NGOS with an interest in victim's issues
Contact Us
Contact and contribute to the victims network

Practical Guide [Turkish]

  • The Practical Guide for Medical Management of Chemical Warfare Casualties is now available in Turkish. You can access it here.