Capacity Building
Proficiency Test Training Courses

Enhancing the technical proficiency of laboratories who wish to gain OPCW Designated Laboratory status.

These one-week courses aim at increasing Member State laboratories readiness to successfully take the OPCW Proficiency Test to become OPCW Designated Laboratories.

The courses take place at OPCW laboratory at Rijswik and focus on analytical methods used to analyse substances listed, monitored, and covered by the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).



  • Enhance laboratories capabilities so they can properly support national chemical emergency response, by  identifying chemical agents involved. Identification will allow responders to operate with precise awareness of the threat and hazards present, and provide the correct medical treatment to the casualties.
  • Give laboratories adequate training in chemical analysis and other laboratory procedures to reach the required standard and pass OPCW’s Designated Laboratory Proficiency Test. 
  • Strengthen State Parties contribution to the Network of Designated Laboratories, so they can support international collaboration in terms of disarmament and preventing the re-emergence of chemical weapons.

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