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Universal Adherance to the Convention

Universality of the Chemical Weapons Convention as seen by the OPCW Children.

Adherence to the Chemical Weapons Convention demonstrates a state's commitment to disarmament and international co-operation, and helps to reinforce its position in the mainstream of international politics. It builds confidence and transparency in security-related policies at regional and international levels. By embracing international norms of behaviour, the States Parties create a conducive atmosphere for bilateral and multilateral co-operation and interaction in the field of disarmament and security.

Conference Resolution
A description of the measures to ensure the universality of the Convention.
Action Plan
An overview of the Action Plan to promote the universality of the Convention.
Benefits of Membership
A list of benefits of being an OPCW Member State.


OPCW is the fastest growing international disarmament organisation in history. The United Nations has called upon all States to join the CWC and to rid the world of the threat chemical weapons pose to international security.

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