Legislation Kit

The National Legislation Implementation Kit is organised in such a manner that States Parties need only refer to those measures that they believe are applicable in their particular case. In other words, the kit should not be viewed as a model statute in toto but rather as a toolbox with model statutory language for each measure that can be selected and changed to suit each State Party’s needs. All States Parties, however, should consider the required measures and review the corresponding model statutory language and commentary.

The Kit is contains:

  • A Directory of Measures for National Legislation Implementation includes those measures that are required, normally necessary, or that are Article IIIIV and V Obligations (of particular importance for States Parties engaged in chemical weapons destruction or chemical weapons production facility destruction/conversion activities or for those States Parties that hold chemicals for riot control purposes)
  • Convention and/or OPCW document references;
  • Model statutory language for that measure; and
  • Commentary.

  • National Implementation Support

OPCW's Implementation Support Branch can review and comment on your State’s draft legislation through the Legislation Help Desk

Legislation Helpdesk 

Implementation Support Branch,
International Cooperation Division
tel +31 70 416 3376