Laboratory Assistance Programme

OPCW Laboratory.

Under the Laboratory-Assistance Programme, analytical and testing laboratories that have already an adequate infrastructure, but which could benefit from an increased level of technical competence to promote economic and technological development, may apply for support from the OPCW. Projects that involve regional cooperation and networking among laboratories or those that promote “twinning” between laboratories at the international or regional level would be considered particularly worthy of support. In addition, the programme renders assistance to laboratories that may wish to seek OPCW designation for off-site analysis of authentic samples.


The programme aims at improving the technical competence of laboratories engaged in chemical analysis and monitoring by providing them some support.

This support may include any of the following:

  • assistance in the establishment of an adequate quality assurance system and preparation of a quality manual;
  • training of staff at leading laboratories in the field;
    internships at an advanced OPCW Laboratory;
  • sponsorship for the participation of key staff in scientific seminars in relevant areas;
  • and conduct of specialised seminars at these laboratories.

A laboratory interested in availing such support is requested to submit a detailed application specifying the nature of the assistance required, to the International Cooperation Branch. The application should be recommended by the National Authority of the concerned Member State.


1. What is the aim of the Laboratory Assistance Programme?

2. What kind of support is given?

3. What is the application procedure?

Guideline & Application Form