Equipment Exchange Programme

OPCW Equipment Store.

This programme supports the voluntary transfer of laboratory equipment, which must be in good working condition, from institutions in developed countries to institutions in other countries whose economies are either developing or in transition. While the Secretariat is not responsible for requesting such equipment, it will support a transfer, once an agreement is reached between the two parties.

Further, the Secretariat may also support the training of technicians to maintain such equipment. The criteria for such support are set out in Note S/307/2002/Rev.1 [PDF - 53 KB] circulated by the Secretariat to all Member States. An application form for seeking assistance from the International Cooperation Branch is enclosed with the note.

If interested donors or recipients inform the Secretariat that they have available (in the offer form), or are in need of such equipment (in the request form), the International Cooperation Branch will arrange to provide relevant information from the database maintained by it or circulate such offers/requests to interested parties.


The programme aims to:

  • Promote exchange of scientific equipment relating to the development and application of chemistry for industrial, agricultural, research, medical, pharmaceutical, and other peaceful purposes.
  • Support the transfers of used, but still functional, equipment from institutions in one Member State to institutions in another Member State.


1. What is the objective of this programme?

2. What is the purpose behind this programme?

3. What is the information flow to implement this programme?

4. What are the formalities to be completed for receiving support?

5. How does the OPCW support the transfer of equipment?

6. What is the funding procedure?