Capacity Building Programmes

OPCW Director-General H.E. Mr Ahmet Üzümcü distributing a certificate to a participant of the Associate Programme 2012.

In the context of economic and technological development, Article XI of the Convention emphasises the right of Member States to engage in development and application of chemistry for purposes not prohibited under the Convention which include industrial, agricultural, research, medical, pharmaceutical, and other peaceful purposes.

To promote an international cooperation among States Parties, the International Cooperation and Assistance Division implements several programmes for capacity building in the areas of peaceful applications of chemistry.

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  • Associate Programme - Facilitates capacity building, industry-related national implementation of the CWC and promotes good practice in chemical manufacturing and safety.
  • Analytical Skills Development Course - Assists qualified analytical chemists to acquire further practical experience in the analysis of chemicals related to the national implementation of the CWC.
  • Conference Support Programme - Facilitates the exchange of scientific and technical information, provides financial support for the organisation of conferences, workshops and seminars on special topics relevant to the CWC and facilitates participation in such events.
  • Equipment Exchange Programme - Facilitates the transfer of used and functional equipment to publicly funded laboratories and other academic institutions in developing countries from institutions in industrialised countries.
  • Fellowship Programme - Scientists and engineers from developing countries conduct advanced research in laboratories in industrialised countries.
  • Research Projects Support Programme - Assists small-scale research projects in targeted countries for the development of scientific and technical knowledge in the field of chemistry for industrial, agricultural, research, medical and other peaceful purposes relevant to the CWC.
  • Article XI Workshop - Explores, identifies and develops concrete measures on the full implementation of Article XI of the Convention.

Obtaining a Programme Document

1. How do we know about the issuance of Secretariat notes related to the annual Associate Programme, Analytical Skills Development Course or other one-time projects?

  • Please check with your National Authority, or
  • Check the Technical Secretariat’s notes in the OPCW web site, or
  • Request for programme information via e-mail (

2. How do we obtain a guidance document for programme items?

The requested document can be received as an e-mail attachment or as a hard copy from the International Cooperation Branch (ICB): One may also print it from the OPCW website under the section on International Cooperation Programmes where these documents are hyperlinked.

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Relevant CWC Provisions

The Chemical Weapons Convention dedicates its Article XI to the Economic and Technological Development.


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