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Office of Confidentiality and Security (OCS)

The Office of Confidentiality and Security (OCS) implements the confidentiality regime within the Secretariat and ensures the physical security of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) information, computer systems and facilities.  

OCS is integrated as part of the Office of the Director-General (ODG) and is comprised of two (2) main Sections:

  • Operations Security ;
  • Confidentiality and Information Security.

The two (2) Sections work both independently and collaboratively to provide protective security, training, guidance and advice to the staff of the Technical Secretariat (TS), as well as to develop, establish and review Security Policies and Standards on behalf of the OPCW Director-General.

Core functions of OCS:

  • Maintaining and Implementing the Confidentiality Regime;
  • Ensuring appropriate protection of information entrusted to OPCW both in the Headquarters, environment and during missions;
  • Ensuring security of OPCW personnel, both in the Headquarter and during missions.

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