We will be accepting internship applications two times during the year normally in March and September. Internship applications should be submitted electronically through our website when a general internship notice is advertised under General Services vacancies. Applications are normally accepted for a period of 30 days.

Select a branch below to learn more about its internship opportunities. If there is a specific branch of OPCW that you are interested in, please indicate your interest in the application form. We cannot assure specific placements based on your interest as all applications will be evaluated by the relevant branches individually. You will be informed in advance of the placement within a specific branch and your confirmation will be requested.

Office of the Director of Administration
The Administration Division is responsible for assuring the effective management of the financial and human resources, information technology, procurement, support services and training functions within the Technical Secretariat (TS).
Assistance and Protection Branch
The Assistance and Protection Branch (APB) provides States Parties with information about a variety of protective measures against chemical weapons
Declarations Branch
Provides the route through which declarations and other verification-related information is received. All matters related to declarations are handled within this Branch. 
Government Relations and Political Affairs Branch
Provides policy and operational support to the Executive Management of the Technical Secretariat.
Human Resources Branch
Provides and sustains a quality Human Resources Management System to ensure that the Technical Secretariat can fulfil its functions efficiently and effectively
Implementation Support Branch
Supports States Parties in their efforts to implement the CWC
Inspectorate Management Branch
Provides administrative, financial, and project support to the Director of the Inspectorate and Inspectors who perform OPCW inspections in the area of Chemical Weapons and Industry
International Cooperation Branch
The international cooperation programmes are based on the provisions of the CWC relating to economic and technological development of States Parties
Public Affairs Branch
Responsible for the production and distribution of public information
Office of Internal Oversight
The Office of Internal Oversight (OIO) assists the Director-General in the management of the OPCW's resources. The OIO conducts internal audit, confidentiality audit, evaluation, inspection, investigation and monitoring in order to support the Director-General in enhancing economy, efficiency, effectiveness and integrity in OPCW’s operations.
Office of the Legal Adviser
Provides legal advice to the Director-General and the Technical Secretariat, and to the policy-making organs and States Parties
Office of Strategy and Policy
Develops the Technical Secretariat’s strategic planning, provides policy advice to the Director-General and OPCW Senior Management, and supports the Secretariat’s Management Board in coordinating policy implementation.
OPCW Laboratory
The OPCW laboratory is the OPCW’s centre of chemical analysis and works within the Verification Division
OPCW Library
The Ron G. Manley Library in the OPCW is the knowledge center within the organization, and is part of the Staff Development and Training section of the Human Resources Branch.
Protocol and Visa Branch
Functions as the main liaison office of the OPCW, contributing to the formal relations of the Technical Secretariat with the States Parties, the Host Nation and the municipality.
Secretariat for the Policy-Making Organs
Provides support to the policy-making organs and the subsidiary bodies of the OPCW.