Articles of the Chemical Weapons Convention

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Article I. General Obligations
Article I sets out the general obligations of each State Party under the Convention.
Article II. Definitions and Criteria
Article II sets out the definitions and criteria to be used in implementing the Convention.
Article III. Declarations
Article III requires each State Party to submit declarations to the OPCW within 30 days after the Convention enters into force for that particular State Party.
Article IV. Chemical Weapons
Article IV relates to the requirement for States Parties to destroy their chemical weapons.
Article V. Chemical Weapons Production Facilities
Article V relates to the requirement for States Parties to destroy and/or convert their Chemical Weapons Production Facilities (CWPFs).
Article VI. Activities Not Prohibited under this Convention
Article VI covers “activities not prohibited under this Convention”, otherwise known as the non-proliferation or industry verification regime.
Article VII. National Implementation Measures
Article VII covers national implementation of the Convention and requires each State Party to enact implementing legislation at the national level.
Article VIII. The Organization
Article VIII establishes the OPCW as the implementing body of the Convention.
Article IX. Consultations, Cooperation and Fact-Finding
Article IX provides for the consultation and clarification if concerns about possible non-compliance arise.
Article X. Assistance and Protection against Chemical Weapons
Article X provides for assistance and protection to a State Party if it is attacked or threatened with attack by chemical weapons.
Article XI. Economic and Technological Development
Article XI provides international cooperation for the economic and technological development of States Parties.
Article XII. Measures to Redress a Situation and to Ensure Compliance, Including Sanctions
Article XII deals with measures to ensure compliance, including sanctions against a State Party that fails to uphold its treaty obligations.
Article XIII. Relation to Other International Agreements
Article XIII deals with the relations with other international treaties.
Article XIV. Settlement of Disputes
Article XIV deals with the settlement of disputes that may arise concerning the application or the interpretation of the Convention .
Article XV. Amendments
Article XV deals with the amendments to the Convention.
Article XVI. Duration and Withdrawal
Article XVI deals with the duration of the Convention and the States Parties' the right to withdraw from the Convention.
Article XVII. Status of the Annexes
Article XVII relates to the status of the Convention's annexes.
Article XVIII. Signature
Article XVIII deals with the signature of the Convention.
Article XIX. Ratification
Article XIX related to the ratification of the Convention.
Article XX. Accession
Article XX relates to the accession to the Convention.
Article XXI. Entry into Force
Article XXI deals with the entry into force of the Convention.
Article XXII. Reservations
Article XXII deals with reservations.
Article XXIII. Depositary
Article XXIII relates to the Depositary of the Convention.
Article XXIV. Authentic Texts
Article XXIV covers the authenticity of texts.

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OPCW is the fastest growing international disarmament organisation in history. The United Nations has called upon all States to join the CWC and to rid the world of the threat chemical weapons pose to international security.

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