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The Technical Secretariat

Technical Secretariat's building.

The Technical Secretariat of the OPCW assists the Conference of the States Parties and the Executive Council in the performance of their functions.


In addition to the normal responsibilities of the secretariat of an international organisation, OPCW's Secretariat is given particular responsibilities in line with the particular nature of the Convention. Some of these responsibilities are:

  • carrying out the verification measures provided for in the Convention;
  • negotiating with States Parties agreements relating to verification activities (subject to Council approval);
  • coordinating the establishment and maintenance of permanent stockpiles of emergency and humanitarian assistance provided by States Parties; and,
  • undertaking further duties with respect to the provision of assistance to States Parties.

Note: The specific functions of the Secretariat are listed in the Article VIII, paragraphs 38 and 39.

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The Director-General of the OPCW is H.E. Mr Fernando Arias González.
Deputy Director-General
The Deputy Director-General of the OPCW is Mr Hamid Ali Rao.
Overview of the Technical Secretariat's Divisions.
Privileges & Immunities
Overview of OPCW's privileges and immunities.
Documents issued by the Technical Secretariat
Technical Secretariat's Documents

Did You Know?

The Convention specifically provides that only citizens of States Parties may serve as Director-General or as other staff members of the OPCW.