Subsidiary Bodies

The Chemical Weapons Convention provides for the establishment of three subsidiary bodies to aid the three main organs of the OPCW in their work: the Scientific Advisory Board, the Advisory Body on Administrative and Financial Issues, and the Confidentiality Commission.

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Advisory Board on Education and Outreach
This advisory board provides specialised advice in areas of education and outreach relevant to the Organisation’s mandate.
Confidentiality Commission
As a subsidiary organ of the Conference of the States Parties, its main function is to settle any disputes between States Parties related to confidentiality.
Scientific Advisory Board
Independent experts who are mandated to assess relevant scientific and technological developments and report on such subjects to the Director-General.
Advisory Body on Administrative and Financial Matters
Advises both the Technical Secretariat and the States Parties on issues relating to the OPCW programme and budgets.


There is another panel called the Advisory Panel on Future OPCW Priorities which completed its work after four meetings in 2010 and 2011 and issued its report in July 2011.