The OPCW’s Internal Vision


We are committed to excellence:

a) we are committed to being leaders in our field
b) we are committed to quality and efficiency in all we do, even under adverse circumstances
c) we appoint our staff primarily on the basis of their expertise
d) we constantly improve everything we do
e) we identify and employ the talents of everyone.


We, the staff, value, respect and care for one another and recognise that the OPCW’s success depends on each and every one of us.

a) we celebrate and respect our diversity
b) we do not tolerate any form of discrimination
c) we acknowledge each others’ contributions and praise achievement
d) we ensure a safe and healthy work environment
e) we give support rather than apportion blame
f) we conduct ourselves professionally and with integrity at all times


We are a learning organisation

a) we recognise the desire of people to learn, innovate, and grow, provide that opportunity, and enhance our future through continuous transformation
b) we constantly search for new ways to function better, and are motivated to learn continuously in order to enhance professional skills, broaden knowledge and embrace innovation
c) we take nothing for granted, subject our actions to keen examination, acknowledge other points of view and learn from our mistakes
d) we seize every opportunity to learn from each other, from personal experiences, and from successes and failures


We manage through empowerment with accountability, equality, fairness and transparency

a) we manage and lead by personal example
b) we delegate responsibility with accountability to the lowest appropriate level
c) we respect the organisational structure and its lines of authority, and address issues with those responsible
d) we apply our rules, regulations, and procedures equally to all with fairness and consistency
e) we make decisions with integrity and transparency, involving all who are affected


We are committed to the realisation of the external vision of the OPCW through strategic cooperation

a) we direct our efforts towards the OPCW’s goals and objectives rather than working for personal or parochial advantage
b) we plan and conduct our work with a clear understanding of the objectives, roles and responsibilities of ourselves and of others
c) we are proactive rather than reactive
d) we strive for optimum interdependence


We recognise that engaging in communication and dialogue are the cornerstones of our work:

a) we value and create opportunities for face-to-face communication within and between functional units
b) we encourage people to say what they think and listen actively
c) we communicate in ways that foster cooperation, clarity and committed action
d) we ensure that relevant information is fully shared with and disseminated to all who need it
e) we create team spirit, build a climate of trust and support, and strive to resolve interpersonal conflicts