Exchange of letters with the Syrian Foreign Minister

In early December 2012, the OPCW Director-General addressed a letter to the Syrian Foreign Minister, Mr Walid Al-Moualem, in which he urged the Syrian Government to accede to the Chemical Weapons Convention without delay.

In making this appeal, the Director-General drew attention to the fact that the possible use of chemical weapons by any country is completely contrary to global sentiment, which is united in condemning them as abhorrent. He also recalled the fact that, as a Party to the 1925 Geneva Protocol, Syria has accepted the legal obligation to respect the universally endorsed norm against the use of chemical weapons.

In his letter of reply, Foreign Minister Al-Moualem assured the Director-General that Syria would comply with its obligations in this respect. He stated that the Syrian Arab Republic would not use chemical weapons - if any - under any circumstances. He added that the Syrian Government reaffirms its compliance with its legal obligations under the conventions and protocols it ratified.