The OPCW and Libya

The recent crisis in Libya has highlighted the role of the OPCW in eliminating the world’s stockpiles of chemical weapons.

New! OPCW Spokesman interview on Radio France Internationale about Libyan chemical weapons [External Link]


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About the OPCW and Libya
A history of Libya's declaration and destruction activities since joining the Convention.
Libya: Facts and Figures
Declaration and destruction statistics.
Director-General Visits Libya for High-Level Meetings on Destruction Plans for Chemical Weapons
Press release dated 30 May, 2012.
Canada Provides OPCW its Largest-Ever Donation to Expedite Destruction of Chemical Weapons in Libya
Press release dated 24 April, 2012.
OPCW Inspectors Verify Newly Declared Chemical Weapons Materials in Libya
Press release dated 20 January, 2012.
OPCW Inspectors Return to Libya
Press release dated 4 November, 2011.

Libya: Facts and Figures

As a State Party to the Chemical Weapons Convention, Libya is obligated to declare all chemical weapons and associated production facilities that it possesses to the OPCW. Upon joining the Convention in January 2004 Libya, declared the possession of the following materials and capabilities , which were verified by OPCW inspections:

  • 24.7 metric tonnes (MT) of sulfur mustard
  • 1,390 MT of precursor chemicals
  • 3,563 unloaded chemical weapons munitions (aerial bombs)
  • 3 former chemical weapons production facilities. 

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