Challenge Inspections

Training in Wassenaar, October 2003.

Article IX of the Convention grants each State Party the right to request an on-site challenge inspection of any facility or location under the jurisdiction of any other State Party in order to clarify and resolve any questions concerning possible non-compliance with the provisions of the Convention. Such inspections might be conducted anywhere and without delay by an inspection team designated by the OPCW Director-General in accordance with the Convention’s Verification Annex.

Although no OPCW Member State has requested a Challenge Inspection since the Organisation was established in 1997, the Secretariat regularly holds exercises at headquarters level and in the field, as well as table top exercises, and regularly reports to the Executive Council on its readiness to conduct such inspections and to report any problems that may arise therein.

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Key Aspects
Overview of the main factors to be considered in Challenge Inspections.
OPCW Videos of previous Challenge Inspection exercises.

Photo Gallery

Challenge Inspection Exercise organised and hosted by Germany in March 2006.

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