Electronic Declarations Tool for National Authorities

The Electronic Declarations Tool for National Authorities (EDNA) is a software application for use by all States Parties to create and submit the declarations required under Article VI of the Convention.


  • National Authorities can maintain a list of facilities within EDNA, and each year select the facilities requiring declaration.
  • The AND module has an option for automated aggregation of Schedule 2 and 3 facilities data.
  • EDNA includes the OPCW Handbook on Chemicals.
  • EDNA contains a set of warnings to the user for data inconsistencies and for data requirements in accordance with the CWC.
  • EDNA includes a predefined set of reports for data analysis and reporting for declared Schedule 2, 3 facilities and OCPFs and AND.
  • Validation that electronic declaration files generated from other software tools comply with specified formats.
  • Available in OPCW official languages and can also be customised for use in an additional language (except for the Schedule 1 module, which is currently available only in English).

EDNA 3.3

EDNA 3.3 includes two modules:


Used for preparation of annual declarations of:

  • Schedule 2 plant sites;
  • Schedule 3 plant sites;
  • Other Chemical Production Facilities (OCPF) and;
  • Aggregate National Data (AND) in either manual or automated aggregation mode.

EDNA for S1

Used for preparation of electronic declarations of Schedule 1 facilities and activities.

Getting started with EDNA

EDNA software and the User Guide can be downloaded from the OPCW Extranet, or obtained on CD-ROM from the Secretariat.

The EDNA software runs on the Windows operating system, on a stand-alone workstation. To facilitate the first use of EDNA, States Parties may request their most recent declaration data in electronic form on a CD-ROM from the Secretariat. This data can then be uploaded to EDNA to form the basis for the creation of the future declarations. Requests for such CD-ROMs should be addressed to the Director of Verification.

For general information, guidelines and support, consult the EDNA section of the OPCW Extranet


Training and one-to-one consultations are provided at the Annual Meeting of National Authorities and in the margins of the Conference of States Parties. In addition, training is also available upon advance request at the OPCW Headquarters. Training courses on electronic declarations and the use of EDNA may also be offered as part of regional training workshops. 

The EDNA User Group Forum

The EDNA User Group Forum is an annual event where EDNA users share their experiences with other State Parties and with the Secretariat. Based on the feedback received during the forum, regional workshops and bilateral meetings, the Secretariat continues the work on the development on new versions of EDNA software to include additional functionality that strives to meet the expectations of States Parties.

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