Electronic Declarations Tool for National Authorities

The Electronic Declarations Tool for National Authorities (EDNA) is a software application developed in-house by the Technical Secretariat and is freely available for use by all States Parties to create and submit the declarations required under Article VI.

Latest Version - 3.3

The updated version of EDNA, version 3.3, has been released in July 2016. As it was the case with the previous version, there are two modules included:

  • EDNA for S2/S3/AND/OCPF, which can be used for preparation of annual declarations of Schedule 2, Schedule 3 plant sites and Other Chemical Production Facilities (OCPF), as well as declaration of Aggregate National Data (AND) in manual or automated aggregation mode.

  • EDNA for S1 for preparation of electronic declarations of Schedule 1 facilities and activities.

The overview of supported functionality and benefits of using this software application for preparing declarations could be found in the EDNA introduction leaflet. Learn more.

How To Get Started

EDNA software and the User Guide can be obtained on CD-ROM from the Secretariat or be downloaded from the OPCW Extranet.

The EDNA software is intended to run under Windows operating system, on a stand-alone workstation. To facilitate the first use of EDNA, States Parties may request their most recent declaration data in electronic form on a CD-ROM from the Secretariat. This data can then be uploaded to EDNA to form the basis for the creation of the future declarations. Requests for such CD-ROMs should be addressed to the Director of Verification.

Consult the EDNA section of the OPCW Extranet for general information, guidelines and support options.


In March 2015 the Secretariat has made available an E-Learning module, Introduction to EDNA, to all States Parties. This module provides general overview of the Electronic Declarations Tool for National Authorities (EDNA) for preparation of electronic declarations of activities under Article VI and explains the ways in which the most common tasks are performed using this software tool.

To access this E-learning module please visit the OPCW E-learning page and follow the instructions included in the document VER E-Learning modules on OPCW LMS - Instructions.


For support requests, please contact:
EDNA Project
Declarations Branch, OPCW
Johan de Wittlaan 32
2517 JR The Hague
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 70 416 3026 / +31 70 416 3682 / +31 70 416 3655