Determining Declarable Industrial Facilities

Destruction facility at Newport Chemical Depot.

General Guidelines for the National Authority.

These general guidelines refer to the identification of chemical facilities likely to be covered by the provisions of the Convention (CWC).

It should be borne in mind that the methods and means provided here will give only indicative answers which will, in any event, have to be checked against the relevant provisions of the CWC and, particularly, through direct contact with the chemical business entities identified.

Article 1 provides an introduction to the CWC as far as the requirements related to industrial declarations at the entry into force (EIF) of it for a State Party and on a subsequent annual basis are concerned.  Chapter 1 also refers to the request from States Parties for advice from the Secretariat and the recommendation of a search methodology as a guideline for identifying chemical industries covered by the CWC. Read more.

Article 2 presents an outline of a general approach to identifying facilities likely to be covered by the CWC on the basis of certain potential information resources (e.g. Schedules of chemicals, unscheduled discrete organic chemicals including PSF-chemicals, types or categories of products and available information resources).  Chapter 2 also offers general guidance in relation to a search methodology. Read more.