Declarations Adviser

Participants at a course on preparing declarations for National Authorities in Madrid, June 2008.

Below are OPCW's documents and tools that have been developed to facilitate the efforts of National Authorities in implementing national requirements of the Convention.

Declarations Requirements for Scheduled Chemicals
An overview of the declarations requirement for scheduled chemicals.
Determining Declarable Activities
General Guidelines for the National Authority.
Declarations Handbook
A guide for the preparation of the States Parties' declarations.
Handbook on Chemicals
A tool to assist National Authorities, Customs Authorities and industry in the identification on chemicals.
Scheduled Chemicals Database
Scheduled Chemicals Database, a tool to facilitate the identification of scheduled chemicals by National Authorities, customs authorities, and the chemical industry for the purposes of implementing the declaration and transfer provisions of the CWC
Most traded Scheduled Chemicals
A selection of the most traded Scheduled Chemicals.
Information about the Electronic Declarations software for National Authorities (EDNA).
Secure Information Exchange (SIX) System
A system for the secure exchange of information between States Parties and the Secretariat.

Did You Know?

The non-proliferation component of the Convention will be ineffectual if the authorities of all States Parties have not promulgated implementing legislation as required under the Convention, through appropriate procedures, in order to ensure that relevant information regarding its chemical industry is gathered and declared to the OPCW.