Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry's Contributions

Chemical industry’s contributions to achieving a world free of chemical weapons have proven essential. Contributions include:

  • participating in the negotiations of the Convention,
  • implementing fully the Convention’s provisions,
  • ensuring a functioning and trusted verification regime through declarations submissions and on-site inspections.

Industrial facilities that have the potential to produce chemicals that could be further processed into chemical weapons are required to provide information to National Authorities in charge of completing annual declarations to be submitted to the OPCW.

Industry Inspections

So far, more than 3,500 inspections of industrial chemical facilities on the territory of 82 States Parties have been conducted since entry into force. During these inspection missions, OPCW inspectors confirm that no chemicals are being produced or used for prohibited purposes and that the activities at inspected sites are in compliance with the Convention. This is how industry does its part to make sure chemical weapons do not re-emerge.

The successful completion of so many chemical industry inspections represents meaningful progress in achieving universal compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention. Chemical industry inspections help promote confidence that States Parties to the Convention are adhering to their obligation to prevent the re-emergence of chemical weapons.

The OPCW-Industry Relationship

The relationship between the OPCW and the chemical industry has evolved over time. OPCW is no longer only seen as an auditor and regulator, but instead OPCW is seen as a partner for improving the verification regime that ensures chemicals are not used for prohibited purposes, and improving the capacity of States Parties through international cooperation programmes.

Building on years of cooperative work between the OPCW and chemical industry, the partnership has taken new form. In 2015, a coordination mechanism was established with the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) through the creation of the OPCW–ICCA Joint Steering Committee, as well as the establishment of the Chemical Industry Coordination Group (CICG). Areas of cooperation with ICCA cover verification activities as well as education and outreach, and chemical safety and security.