OPCW E-Learning Modules

These six modules have been selected because they are generic in nature and will apply equally well across a range of audiences. Their content is relatively stable and so will not require significant changes or upgrades in the short- to medium-term. The topics for the initial e-learning tools are:

  • An Overview of the Chemical Weapons Convention
  • An introduction to the OPCW
  • The CWC article by article and Schedules 1,2, and 3
  • The effective running of a National Authority
  • National implementation legislation required under the CWC
  • Implementation of Article X and basic principles of protection against chemical weapons

E-learning - Verification Regime

The following six modules cover specific areas of the verification regime of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

  • Chemical Weapons Declarations
  • Identification of Declarable Activities Under Article VI of the CWC
  • Introduction to Article VI Declarations
  • Introduction to EDNA
  • Introduction to SIX
  • Preparing for and Receiving an Article VI Inspection by Plant Site

New! These verification-related modules are now available in French and Spanish as well as English. The English editions have also been updated to fix minor issues.

The updating of the original English e-learning modules and their translation into Spanish and French was made possible by a grant received from the European Union.

For instructions on how to locate and access these modules please refer to the following document: VER E-Learning modules on OPCW LMS - Instructions.

These online courses will be provided to CWC National Authorities and other stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Convention. 

Note: Please use Google Chrome to access the e-learning modules.

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