International Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Chemistry

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    S/458/2005 Project on Laboratory Assistance in 2005 19/01/2005
    S/457/2005 Invitation to Apply for an Analytical-Skills Development Course 2005 17/01/2005
    CDQ Vol.2 No.2 Chemical Disarmament Quarterly 01/06/2004
    CDQ Vol.2 No.1 Chemical Disarmament Quarterly 01/03/2004
    CDQ Vol.1 No.4 Chemical Disarmament Quarterly 01/12/2003
    C-8/NAT.1 Islamic Republic of Iran: Peaceful Transfer through Transparency 06/10/2003
    CDQ Vol.1 No.3 Chemical Disarmament Quarterly 01/09/2003
    CDQ Vol.1 No.2 Chemical Disarmament Quarterly 01/06/2003
    RC-1/S/2 Technical Secretariat Background Paper on International Cooperation Programmes 22/04/2003
    S/307/2002 Equipment-Exchange Programme 16/05/2002
    S/232/2000 Strengthening the International Cooperation and Assistance Activities of the Organisation 06/12/2000
    S/226/2000 Regional Workshop on the Chemical Weapons Convention: Promoting Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, Melbourne, Australia, 30 April - 3 May 2001 04/12/2000
    OPCW Fact Sheet 9 OPCW Fact Sheet 9: Promotion of Economic and Technological Development Through Chemistry 25/07/2000
    S/154/2000 Summary Report of the First African Seminar on Analytical Issues Related to the Chemical Weapons Convention (ASAI 1999) 13/01/2000
    OPCW Report on Needs and Best Practices on Chemical Safety and Security Management
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