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Information Service

Information Service.

The Technical Secretariat provides scientific and technical information, free of charge, on the properties of hazardous substances, possible substitutes for hazardous chemicals and schedule chemicals under the CWC, as well as on suppliers and procedures of chemicals, chemical technologies and other related information.

Any institution or organisation in a Member State of the OPCW is eligible to request such information.

This service is based on Article XI sub-paragraph (b) of the Convention which, inter alia, fully recognises the right of Member States to participate in the fullest possible scientific and technical information relating to the development and application of chemistry for purposes not prohibited under this Convention.

The information is drawn from commercial and other publicly available data sources as well as from the CWC-related literature, subject to copyright regulations.

Note: Replies to information requests normally takes less than two weeks after request are received.

Contact Information

For more information please contact icb@opcw.org.