Documents Related to Assistance and Protection against Chemical Weapons

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    S/164/2000 Swiss Emergency Field Laboratory Training Programe (SEF-LAB II), Spiez, Switzerland, 14 - 19 May 2000 02/02/2000
    S/163/2000 CW Chief Instruction Training Programme (CITPRO III), Spiez, Switzerland, 2 - 7 April 2000 02/02/2000
    S/154/2000 Summary Report of the First African Seminar on Analytical Issues Related to the Chemical Weapons Convention (ASAI 1999) 13/01/2000
    S/138/99 International Workshop to Promote and Coordinate Assistance and Cooperation Under the Chemical Weapons Convention Slovak Republic, 16 - 19 November 1999 13/09/1999
    S/139/99 Swiss Emergency Field Laboratory Training Programme (SEF-LAB 1) Spiez, Switzerland, 14 - 19 November 1999 13/09/1999
    S/135/99 Chemical Support Training Course Revinge, Sweden, 8 - 26 November 1999 05/08/1999
    S/113/99 CW Civil Defence Training Course Lazne Bohdanec, Czech Republic, 9 - 13 August 1999 19/05/1999
    S/95/99 Invitation to Propose Candidates for a Course on Medical Defence Against Chemical Weapons 08/02/1999
    C-I/DEC.53 Decision: Data Bank on Protection Against Chemical Weapons to be Established in Accordance with Article X(5) of the Convention 16/05/1997
    C-I/DEC.54 Decision: Model Bilateral Agreement Concerning the Procurement of Assistance 16/05/1997
    C-I/DEC.52 Decision: Voluntary Fund for Assistance 16/05/1997
    C-I/DEC.12 Decision: Lists of Items to be Stockpiled for Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance in Accordance with Article VIII(39)(B) (Paris Resolution, Subparagraph 12(B)) 16/05/1997
    Practical Guide for Medical Management of Chemical Warfare Casualties web

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