Submission of Information Regarding National Programmes Related to Protective Purposes

Pursuant to Article X, Paragraph 4 of the Chemical Weapons Convention

In order to increase the transparency of national programmes related to protective purposes, each State Party shall provide annually to the Technical Secretariat information on its programmes.

The Conference of the States Parties at its 9th Session adopted a unified format for the submission of annual information on national protection programmes (C-9/DEC.10, dated 30 November 2004). States Parties should use this format for the submission of information relating to such activities for the previous calendar year, no later than 120 days after the end of that year.

However, States Parties retain the right to protect sensitive information related to national programmes for protective purposes, and they may designate as confidential any sensitive information that they choose to provide to the Organisation in order to satisfy this reporting requirement.

The unified format will serve as a significant aid to the States Parties in submitting the information in a structured manner. This will ensure that data crucial to facilitating the coordination of protective measures against chemical weapons and toxic chemicals, and delivery of assistance, is compiled.

C-9/DEC.10 is available for download both in Word and PDF. This form should be filled by the State Party and posted or faxed to:

Assistance and Protection Branch,
International Cooperation Division
+31 70 416 3555
fax +31 70 416 3209

Johan de Wittlaan 32
2517 JR - The Hague
The Netherlands