Offers of Assistance

Assistance and Protection exercise, Greece, 2004.

In accordance with Paragraph 7 of Article X, each State Party undertakes to provide assistance through the OPCW to a requesting State Party, and to this end elects one or more of the following measures:

  • To make financial contribution to the Voluntary Fund for assistance:

States Parties may contribute to the Voluntary Fund for Assistance, established for use in the event that a State Party is attacked with chemical weapons. A number of States Parties have chosen this measure, but the amount thus far contributed falls well short of the amount of funding that would be needed to mount an adequate response to a large-scale attack.

  • To conclude agreements concerning the procurement of assistance:

States Parties may enter into agreements with the OPCW regarding the procurement of assistance upon demand. The first agreement of this kind—a memorandum of understanding between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the OPCW—concerned the provision of emergency medical assistance teams and facilities for treating CW casualties at Iranian hospitals. Consultations regarding agreements with other States Parties are currently in progress.

  • To declare the kind of assistance it might provide in response to appeal by the Organisation:

States Parties may decide to unilaterally declare the kind of assistance they might provide in response to an appeal by the OPCW to support another State Party under attack with chemical weapons or under threat of attack. Many States Parties have made such offers of assistance. E.g. Notably, Switzerland has offered to provide equipment for assistance efforts, as well as to train relevant personnel from other States Parties in its use. Consequently, Switzerland and the Secretariat have jointly organised the CW Chief Instructor Training Programme (CITPRO) and the Swiss Emergency Field Laboratory training programme (SEF-Lab) at the NBC Training Centre in Spiez, Switzerland.

Assistance Format

The 10th Session of the Conference of States Parties with its decision C-10/DEC.8 adopted a format as guidance for submitting information on the kind of assistance made available in accordance with subparagraph 7(c) of Article X. Use of the assistance format is voluntary and does not prejudice the right of States Parties to present this information in another format or to provide other assistance.

The assistance format for the formulation, specification, or renewal of offers of assistance is available for download both in Word and PDF. The form should be filled by the State Party and posted or faxed to:

Assistance and Protection Branch,
International Cooperation Division
+31 70 416 3555
fax +31 70 416 3209

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Johan de Wittlaan 32
2517 JR - The Hague
The Netherlands


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