Statement by the OPCW on Syria

Wednesday, 05 December 2012

In response to questions on developments in Syria the OPCW spokesperson issued the following statement:

The OPCW continues to monitor reports on current developments in Syria with regard to concerns about chemical weapons. The Director-General agrees with the recent statement made on behalf of the U.N. Secretary-General.

The use or threat of use of chemical weapons is unacceptable. As a party to the 1925 Geneva Protocol, Syria is obligated by international law not to use chemical weapons under any circumstances.  The Syrian Government must also ensure the safety and security of any stocks of chemical weapons it may possess.
The OPCW has made numerous overtures over the years to Syria to join the Chemical Weapons Convention, without any official response to date. In November, together with the UN Secretary-General, the Director-General sent joint communications to the heads of State or Government of the eight remaining States not Party, including Syria, urging them to join the Convention “without delay”.

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