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What is it?

LAST is an internet-based tool which aims at providing Member States with reliable and user friendly legislative & legal support and updated information on the status of ratification and implementation of the Convention. In addition, LAST establishes a communication platform where the National Authorities can exchange information among each other or request assistance from other National Authorities (the latter function is currently being developed).
LAST has been created to afford support not only to those Member Parties with limited legislative capacity but also to those States that seek reference information systematized and organized by thematic area.
Through LAST States Parties will have access to a large variety of resources at the click of a button. The Implementation Support Branch is supporting States Parties to not only have “fingertip access” to relevant information and documents, but also to be in a position to enter their own data, opening the way to a new and integrated response to technical assistance needs of Member States (the latter function is currently being developed).