Nino Gabisonia

Dates of Internship: February - March 2012
Nationality: Georgian

I have always wanted to be an intern at an international organisation to get some practical experience in a diverse multi-cultural environment and to broaden my knowledge about global issues.

Although I study Law, I am very interested in International Relations and Diplomacy. My interest in international relations, and the greatly honourable and appealing mission of the OPCW to serve for the world free of Chemical Weapons and its contribution to provide global peace and security, was definitely very attractive to me.  Therefore, the Government Relations Branch at the External Relations Division was the best place to apply for an internship for me.

Generally, the goal of the Governments Relations Branch (GRB) of the OPCW is to liaise with governments and the chemical industry to facilitate national implementation and universality and to strengthen cooperation with United Nations and its bodies as well as with other relevant intergovernmental, international and regional organisations. Mainly GRB contributes to the development of external relation policies, maintains close relations with chemical industry associations around the world and promotes the effective implementation of Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). 

As an intern, I was involved in general research on disarmament issues. I attended, some internal meetings, including task force meetings after which I summarized the discussions by drafting brief reports. I also attended presentations about safety and security at chemical plants and a general introduction of the OPCW which made me more aware of the mission and goal of the organisation as a whole.

The most interesting and appreciable part of my work was the process of researching about certain relevant aspects on disarmament in general, which contributed to writing an article “Disarmament: Focus on CWC”. 

In addition to the above, I had several consultations about the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) with the staff members of OPCW who gave me professional assistance and interesting insights about these globally challenging topics.

The biggest event during my internship, was an attendance to a meeting of the Executive Council of the OPCW. For me it was exciting how the representatives of different countries with different points of view and backgrounds tried to discuss and reach consensus by the terms of negotiation, diplomacy and common consent.

During the internship I became more independent in thinking, aware of global issues and knowledgeable. I met many interesting people and made some lifelong friends.

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Nino Gabisonia
Dates of Internship: February - March 2012