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The OPCW Library

The Ron G. Manley Library in the OPCW is the knowledge center within the organization, and is part of the Staff Development and Training section of the Human Resources Branch.

The library supplies information to staff and delegations.

The library not only supplies books and (electronic)articles, but also subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, journals and several databases, to support the work of staff within the organization.

The library also serves as a meeting place where users can retreat to read, use the internet, make copies and scans, or consult library staff for information and assistance. In addition, the library serves as the venue for ‘lunch&learn’ sessions.


The successful intern will gain knowledge and practical experience on the day to day operations of a specialized library. Duties will be, amongst others, classifying and cataloguing of new library materials, assisting with digitization projects, lending and receiving materials to/from users through the library management system, distributing subscription materials to users in the building, assisting staff and delegates with finding information, etc.


An internship in the library would require a service minded attitude, excellent interpersonal skills, good computer skills and excellent knowledge of English.  A study in library sciences or related fields and proficiency in another working language of the OPCW would be an asset.

Duration/working hours

You may set the duration of the internship based on your availability, from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 6 months. The actual hours to be worked will be agreed between you and your supervisor, and shall not exceed 40 hours per week.