Information Services Branch (ISB)

The purpose of the Information Services Branch (ISB) is to bring efficiency and effectiveness on how information is managed by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), as well as to take primary responsibility for the information technology and telecommunication systems of the Organisation. 

Core functions of ISB:

  • Effectively manage current information technology systems and to introduce new initiatives within OPCW that will demonstrably support the Organisation's required core operational and administrative functions;
  • Provide, operate, and support an effective information system and telecommunication technology infrastructure, in accordance with appropriate internationally-recognised security and quality performance standards;
  • Strategically increase the technical capability of OPCW and its many constituents to utilise digital means to communicate, manage information, secure data, and conduct business in the support of their shared goals;

Internship assignments:

ISB provides many services to the Organisation. The services are described in a service portfolio that is published on the Self Service Portal (OPCW’s internal portal). 

The Services are supported by business applications and a technical infrastructure. The business applications are described in an application portfolio that is part of a Configuration Management Database. 

Currently, ISB is updating the portfolio of services in conjunction with business applications and requests support in executing these activities. 

Description of tasks:  

  • Work with the business applications team to define a suitable structure for the application portfolio database (i.e. information structure/mandatory and optional fields);
  • Work with the infrastructure team to define a suitable structure for the infrastructure components;
  • Reach out to the developers, engineers and business application owners in the Organisation to collect the relevant information to populate the portfolio;
  • Update the portfolio of business applications with up-to-date descriptions; 
  • Review the service portfolio descriptions on the Self Service Portal as well as the usability of the portal;
  • Organise End-User Panel meetings to discuss the end-user experience on the Self Service Portal;
  • Propose improvements to the Self Service Portal to increase the end-user experience;
  • When possible, review the intranet page of ISB and propose improvements to the page;
  • When possible, set-up a new intranet page for ISB in SharePoint.

Internship requirements:


Applicants should have an academic background in one (1) or more years of completed undergraduate studies, in at least one (1) of the following fields:

  • Information Management;
  • Information and Communications Technologies;
  • Business Analysis;
  • Business Management;
  • Communication Management. 


No work experience is required - just willingness to work in a structured manner and to learn new things at a fast pace.

Skills and knowledge

  • Affinity to technical subjects;
  • Thorough in execution tasks;
  • Excellent communicator.

Language proficiency 

Fluency in English is essential;
A good working knowledge of one or more of the OPCW official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.

Internship Period:

The internship is offered on a full time basis, for a minimum of three (3) months and normally up to a maximum of six (6) months.

Working hours

The internship working hours shall not exceed forty (40) hours per week.