General Services and Procurement Branch (GSP)

The General Services and Procurement Branch (GSP) comprises of three sections. Its purpose is to provide essential support services to the Organisation in the following areas:


Procurement is responsible for the purchase of goods and services, including works and professional services in the form of consultancies, but excluding staff contracts. Procurement also functions as point of reference for:

  • Supply chain management;
  • Project/budget preparation;
  • Project/procurement planning;
  • Budget expenditure queries.

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Infrastructure Support Services

Infrastructure Support Services provides strategic planning, overall management and administration of the operations of the OPCW facilities (the HQ building and the Rijswijk Facility), in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, in support of the mission of the Organisation.  

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Support Services

Support Services aims to provide efficient and effective service, whilst maintaining a high standard of user-satisfaction approach. Support Services also functions as point of reference for:

  • Insurance coverage;
  • Asset Management;
  • The Property Survey Board;
  • Travel and Shipment Services;
  • Supplies Services;
  • Drivers' Services

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