Conditions of Service - Professional & Higher

Staff Recognition Award.

Find below general information on conditions of service applicable to fixed-term appointments in the professional & higher categories.

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2.Working hours

3.Rental subsidy

4.Dependency allowance

5.Education grant

6.Repatriation grant

7.Provident fund

8.Agreement on the transfer of pension rights OPCW-UNJSPF

9.Annual leave

10.Home leave

11.Sick leave

12.Medical examination

13.Medical and dental insurance

14.Death and disability insurance

15.Travel arrangements

16.Assignment grant

17.Removal arrangements



Staff Regulations

The staff regulations contain fundamental conditions of service and basic rights, duties and obligations of the OPCW Secretariat.

These Staff Regulations embody the broad principles of personnel policy for the staffing and administration of the Secretariat.