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International Symposium on Medical Treatment of Chemical Warfare (CW) Victims: Challenges and Hopes

Date: 28-29 June 2018
Location: OPCW Headquarters, The Hague, The Netherlands 


To provide a forum for clinicians, scientists, experts, academia and civil society from around the world to exchange experience and ideas about the treatment  and support of CW victims through: 

  • Shedding light on the  long-term health effects of exposure to CW agents
  • Raising awareness about the care needed for  those living with chronic CW effects
  • Promoting international scientific collaboration to expand knowledge of the long-term effects and improve outcomes for CW victims.
  • Increase visibility of victims suffering from the long- term consequences of exposure to CW agents
  • Create a platform for building an international network for scientific collaboration


  • Discuss the latest findings on the  long- term health effects of exposure to CW agents
  • Identify challenges in the   medical treatment of CW victims and what else is needed
  • Identify priorities for victims’ assistance projects and future scientific research in this field
  • Develop a road map for  future research  on treatment of  long-term health effects of CW agents
  • Contribute to the development of an international network of clinicians, experts and scientists who are engaged on  this topic
  • Discuss novel treatments  in  the care  of CW victims and evidence of their effectiveness,
  • Develop recommendations on how the OPCW-Technical Secretariat can provide support for victims under the CSP decision on the establishment of an international support network for CW victims


  • Long term health effects of exposure to chemical warfare agents
  • Psychosocial impact of exposure to CW agents
  • The daily life challenges faced by victims with chronic health effects arising from CW exposure
  • Role of OPCW and other international organizations in supporting  CW victims

Target Audience and Methodology

50 international experts will be invited from academia and civil society.
Other interested experts and States Parties representatives are welcome to the meeting.

There will be a plenary as well as panel discussions and break-out sessions , At the end of the event a document will be generated as the declaration of the symposium with a set of recommendations for future actions with regards to providing  support for CW victims