Associate Programme 2021

The Hague, Netherlands

18 October – 5 November 2021

The Programme is designed for chemists and chemical engineers, especially from Member States whose economies are either developing or in transition. It has been designed to give them access to the skills and experience required to operate effectively in the context of the modern chemical industry. The Programme for 2021 will accommodate 40 participants.


The Programme aims to foster a better understanding of the objectives of the Chemical Weapons Convention and to promote the peaceful uses of chemistry, with an emphasis on chemical safety. 

The objectives are to:

  • Facilitate national implementation of the Convention in relation to the chemical industry
  • Enhance national capacities in Member States by offering training to personnel from industry, academic institutions, and government in chemistry, chemical engineering, and related areas
  • Facilitate trade through the adoption of sound practices in the chemical industry; and
  • Broaden the talent pool for industry-related positions in the National Authorities, institutions, and economies of the Member States, as well as in the Secretariat.

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