Education Training on Chemical Safety and Security for Youth

Nairobi, Kenya

27 – 29 October 2020


The programme is intended for Member States of the OPCW with economies that are developing or in transition, and is open to university students in chemistry, chemical engineering, or other relevant chemistry-related scientific studies, who assume leadership responsibilities in the university, such as within a student association.


The overall objective of the programme is to raise awareness among young people on risk assessment, ways to recognise dangerous chemical substances, the impact of exposure to chemicals, the importance of chemical safety and security management, and the benefits of the peaceful use of chemistry.


The training course will focus on thematic presentations and discussions addressing various aspects of concern relevant to the peaceful use of chemistry. Group discussions will also be arranged to focus on building up materials to be utilised by academic institutions. The training course will also provide an opportunity for students to network on their own initiative in their home countries.

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