Advisory Panel on Future OPCW Priorities

At the 15th session of the Conference of the States Parties in December 2010, the Director-General announced the establishment of an Advisory Panel to make recommendations on the future priorities of the OPCW. In this connection, he stated the following:

“As we look towards the future of the Organisation in the years after 2012, I believe that it is useful to examine a wide range of perspectives. In this light, and in order to reflect on the next phase in the evolution of our Organisation, I have decided to establish an independent advisory panel to review the implementation of the Convention and to make recommendations for future OPCW activities. This panel will be wholly independent and its members will serve in their personal capacities.

I am pleased to report that Ambassador Rolf Ekeus of Sweden has accepted my invitation to chair the panel, and that we have managed to put together a group of experts from relevant fields, such as arms control and disarmament, industry, and science and technology, which is also geographically representative.

The panel will convene for its first meeting here in The Hague on 14 and 15 December this year, and will hold a small number of subsequent meetings before submitting its final report to me in June 2011. The Technical Secretariat will support its work. I will of course share the final report of the panel with States Parties in order to assist them in their consideration of issues affecting the evolution of the Organisation.”

The panel completed its work after four meetings in 2010 and 2011. Its report was issued in July 2011. Read it here [PDF - 249 KB].


The members of the Advisory Panel, appointed by the Director-General, are:

  • Ambassador Rolf Ekeus (Sweden) – Chairman
  • Ambassador Noor Farida Ariffin (Malaysia)
  • Ambassador Marcos Castrioto de Azambuja (Brazil)
  • Ambassador Sergey Batsanov (Russia)
  • Dr Claude Eon (France) 
  • Dr Gu Juesheng (China)
  • Ambassador Abuelgasim Abdelwahid Sheikh Idris (Sudan)
  • Ambassador Eric Javits (USA)
  • Dr Patricia Lewis (UK/Ireland)
  • Ambassador Abdul Minty (South Africa)
  • Ambassador Roberto Garcia Moritan (Argentina) 
  • Dr Bunro Shiozawa (Japan)
  • Ambassador Rakesh Sood (India)
  • Dr Ralf Trapp (Germany)