Latin America and the Caribbean Group of States Parties to the Convention

Select a Member State below to know the dates on which it signed the Convention and/or deposited its instrument of ratification or accession with the Depositary, and on which the Convention entered or will enter into force for it. In addition, it displays its Permanent Representation to the OPCW.

A:   Antigua and Barbuda   Argentina

B:   Bahamas   Barbados   Belize   Bolivia   Brazil

C:   Chile   Colombia   Costa Rica   Cuba

D:   Dominica   Dominican Republic

E:   Ecuador   El Salvador 

G:   Grenada   Guatemala   Guyana 

H:   Haiti   Honduras

J:   Jamaica

M:   Mexico

N:   Nicaragua

P:   Panama   Paraguay   Peru 

S:   Saint Kitts and Nevis   Saint Lucia   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines   Suriname 

T:   Trinidad and Tobago

U:   Uruguay

V:   Venezuela

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