Mission Update - 5

6 December, 2013

The Joint Mission has now verified that all Category 3 (unfilled) munitions declared by the Syrian Arab Republic have been destroyed.

The team has also verified the destruction of additional special features of buildings and structures at chemical weapons production facilities that were already rendered inoperable during the first phase of the mission.

These activities were conducted at the Homs cluster of sites that had remained inaccessible for some time due to security reasons.

Mission Update - 4

25 October, 2013


OPCW inspectors visited a site on Thursday and verified that all of its previous chemical weapons-related equipment has already been dismantled. This brings to 19 the total number of sites visited by OPCW inspectors, of 23 that have been disclosed by Syria.

Mission Update - 3

21 October 2013

Initial Declaration

The Technical Secretariat continues to assist Syria in Damascus in finalising its initial formal declaration covering its chemical weapons and related facilities.

Inspections have been conducted at 17 sites. At 14 sites the inspectors carried out activities related to the destruction of critical equipment to make the facilities inoperable.

Joint Mission
The Special Coordinator, Ms Sigrid Kaag, arrived in The Hague over the weekend and met with the Director-General. She also participated in briefings/discussions.

Today the Special Coordinator arrived in Damascus.

Mission Update - 2

18 October 2013


The number of sites visited, where inspection activities have been conducted, has increased to 14.

Joint Mission

The Special Coordinator, Ms Sigrid Kaag, is scheduled to visit The Hague soon for briefings/discussions.

Mission Update - 1

16 October 2013

Current mission goals (to 1 November):

  • Verification of the disclosure by Syria of its chemical weapons programme
  • Identification of key equipment
  • Making production facilities inoperable (“functional destruction”), including mixing/filling plants
  • Begin destruction of Category 3 chemical weapons (unloaded CW munitions)

Progress made by the team
The OPCW mission team has now conducted verification activities at a total of 11 sites that are identified in Syria’s disclosure.

Activities have also included critical equipment destruction at six sites as well as some Category 3 weapons destruction.

Interaction with the UN

Cooperation with the UN in support of OPCW mission in Syria has been excellent and the morale of the Joint Mission teams remains high.