Declarations adviser

Declarations Handbook
The Declarations Handbook is developed to provide guidance for the preparation of declarations to be submitted by States Parties in accordance with the requirements of the Convention. The Declarations Handbook incorporates the summaries of the declaration requirements and all relevant decisions and reports agreed by the Secretariat and OPCW policy-making organs since entry into force of the Convention. This publication has been updated considering the views and comments of the States Parties. The 2013 Declarations Handbook updates the previous 2008 version.
Handbook on Chemicals
The Handbook on Chemicals was developed to facilitate the efforts of National Authorities, Customs Authorities and industry to identify individual chemicals, covered by the schedules in the Annex on Chemicals of the CWC. The Handbook on Chemicals has undergone a major revision since the previous version. The 2009 version incorporates information on all 1329 scheduled chemicals and riot control agents declared to the Technical Secretariat from 1997 until February 2009.
Most traded Scheduled Chemicals
A list of scheduled chemicals of particular interest because of their trade. Information on commercial applications and industrial uses was gathered from a variety of open sources but of course it does not cover all possible applications.
The Electronic Declarations tool for National Authorities (EDNA) has been developed in-house by the Technical Secretariat and is freely available for use by all States Parties for the preparation of declarations required under Article VI. To facilitate the use of EDNA, the Technical Secretariat provides support and training to States Parties.
Scheduled Chemicals Database
The Scheduled Chemicals Database is a tool developed by the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW to facilitate the identification of scheduled chemicals by National Authorities, customs authorities, and the chemical industry for the purposes of implementing the declaration and transfer provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Declarations Requirements for Scheduled Chemicals
Determining Declarable Activities