National implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention

Support to States Parties in implementing national requirements of the Convention. Full and effective implementation by States Parties of the provisions of Article VII of the Convention.

News and articles related to national implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention

Sub-regional Training for Customs Authorities on Technical Aspects of CWC Transfers’ Regime Held in Dakar

The OPCW and National Authority of Senegal jointly organised a training course for customs officers on the technical aspects of the transfers’ regime of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) that took place from 25 to 28 March...02 April 2014Full story

11th Chemical Weapons Convention Seminar Held in Croatia

The 11th Eleventh Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) Seminar was held in the village of Rakitje west of Zagreb from 17 to 20 March 2014, co-organised by the OPCW and the Regional Arms Control Verification and Implementation...22 March 2014Full story

National Seminar on CWC Implementation Held in Latvia

The 1-day seminar, held on 12 March, introduced participants to the Chemical Weapons Convention, to the obligations of State Parties, and to the relevant legal framework in Latvia, which ensures compliance with the Convention’s...19 March 2014Full story

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Making the Convention Work

To make sure that the CWC is implemented effectively, States Parties are obliged to designate or establish a National Authority. This body escorts OPCW inspections of relevant industrial or military sites; submits initial and annual declarations; assists and protects those States  Parties which are threatened by, or have suffered, chemical attack; and fosters the peaceful uses of chemistry. In addition, the National Authority acts as the focal point in the State Party's interaction with other States Parties and the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW.

The Secretariat supports States Parties in their national implementation of the CWC. The focus of this work is to provide advice and assistance to the staff of National Authorities, in order to help them enhance their skills and expertise to facilitate effective, autonomous, national implementation. The Technical Secretariat coordinates and hosts regular meetings of the National Authorities from around the world. CD-ROM, DVD and website information packages on CWC implementation are available.

Every State Party must implement the provisions under the CWC at the national level. This includes enacting penal legislation encompassing all activities prohibited. Each State Party is obliged to provide other States Parties with its fullest cooperation to expedite prosecution. Legal experts have formed regional networks to facilitate the adoption of national legislation that bans and criminalises the misuse of chemicals as weapons.

Some figures on national implementation follow:

  • 188 National Authorities have been established.
  • 149 States Parties have informed the Organisation of the legislative and administrative measures taken to implement the Chemical Weapons Convention.
  • 108 States Parties have legislation covering initial measures.
  • Since 1997, over 13,000 participants, including more than 6,000 sponsored participants from all geographical regions have received support in the CWC's effective national implementation through OPCW meetings, workshops, training courses and seminars.

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