Laboratory Assistance Programme


Laboratories wishing to improve their technical capabilities are encouraged to apply to the OPCW Secretariat for support. The programme is aimed at laboratories which may or may not be interested in seeking OPCW designation.

It is also intended primarily for those laboratories which have adequate infrastructure and could benefit from an increased level of technical competence.

Support may include any of the following:

  • assistance in the establishment of an adequate quality assurance system and preparation of a quality manual;
  • training of staff at leading laboratories in the field;
    internships at an advanced OPCW Laboratory;
  • sponsorship for the participation of key staff in scientific seminars in relevant areas;
  • and conduct of specialised seminars at these laboratories.

A laboratory interested in availing such support is requested to submit a detailed application specifying the nature of the assistance required, to the International Cooperation Branch. The application should be recommended by the National Authority of the concerned Member State.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the aim of the Laboratory Assistance Programme?
The programme aims at strengthening national capacities for chemical analysis and monitoring, as an important element in enabling Member States’ analytical laboratories which have already an adequate infrastructure but which could benefit from an increased level of technical competence to promote economic and technological development.

2. What kind of support is given?
The financial support to be offered under the programme will be for the specific type(s) of activities listed under paragraph 4 of the Secretariat Note S/328/2002 dated 19 December 2002. The Secretariat does not support the acquisition of laboratory equipment or hardware, or other forms of investment.

3. What is the application procedure?
A laboratory may apply in the following manner:

Complete the application form annexed to Note S/328/2003 and submit it through either the National Authority of the Member State or the Permanent Representation to the OPCW.

If assistance for training is requested, a copy of the letter of agreement or acceptance from the concerned training institution or laboratory is to be submitted.

For regional cooperation or twinning projects, each participating laboratory is requested to complete a separate application form and forward the same through their National Authority/Permanent Representation to the OPCW

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Contact information

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