Internship Support Programme

Guideline and Application Form


The objective of the Internship Support Programme is to facilitate scientists and engineers from developing countries to gain experience by working for a limited period of time in advanced research laboratories/facilities in industrialised countries.

A particular objective of this programme is to facilitate exchange of scientific and technical information and strengthening of such institutions in the targeted countries through capacity building.

While the OPCW Secretariat will not be responsible for placing the interns, requests for funding of internships in part or in full will be considered provided they subserve to the aforesaid objectives.

The prospective interns are expected to tie up all necessary arrangements, including acceptance by the institution receiving the intern, prior to submitting an application to the Secretariat for the sponsorship. The forms of support may include travel grant and/or internship allowance as per prescribed norms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the aim of the Internship Support Programme?
The Internship Support Programme is designed to implement Article XI of the Chemical Weapons Convention which, inter alia, lays down the promotion of the fullest possible exchange of scientific and technical information between Member States for the development and application of chemistry for industrial, agricultural, research, medical, pharmaceutical and other peaceful purposes. The intern will work for a limited period of time in a more advanced laboratory or facility in another Member State.

2. What is the duration of the internship?

The length of the internship will normally not exceed three months, which, in exceptional cases, could be extended for a maximum of six months.

3. Who is eligible for the programme?

Scientists and engineers are eligible provided they work in government research institutions, or in publicly-funded laboratories, or in recognised universities in Member States which are either developing countries. A prospective intern should be proficient in the working language of the institution where the internship will be conducted.

4. What are the required conditions to be fulfilled before one applies for the Programme?

Before an internship applicant requests for financial support from the Secretariat, he/she must ensure the following are fulfilled:

  1. a duly completed application form which should include details of bank account (Name of account holder, Bank name, Account number, Swift code and Address of the Bank) of the (i) host institution and of (ii) prospective intern;
  2. Photocopies of the relevant pages from the intern’s passport;
  3. An updated curriculum vitae;
  4. A copy of the statement from the receiving institution that the candidate has been accepted;
  5. A statement from the candidate’s present supervisor confirming he/she will be granted leave to assume the internship; and
  6. An endorsement of the Member State’s National Authority or its Permanent Representation to the OPCW (see space in the Annex).

5. What is the guiding document for this programme?
The Internship Support Programme is described in the Secretariat Note S/289/2002 dated 14 January 2002. The annex of the document contains the application form.

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Contact information

Mr Sergey Zinoviev
Senior International Cooperation Officer
International Cooperation Branch
International Cooperation and Assistance Division
tel +31 70 416 3611
fax +31 70 416 3279

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