Elimination of chemical weapons stockpiles and chemical weapons production facilities subject to the verification measures provided for in the Convention.

Latest facts and figures

The 7 States Parties (A State Party, Albania, India, Iraq, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the Russian Federation, and the United States of America) which have declared chemical weapons must destroy 8.67 million items, including munitions and containers containing in total, 72,531 metric tonnes of extremely toxic chemical agents. Albania, India and a third country have completed destruction. By comparison, a tiny drop of a nerve agent, no larger than the head of a pin, can kill an adult human being within minutes after exposure.The OPCW verifies that the destruction process is irreversible. At the same time, States Parties in the process of destroying chemical weapons are obliged to place the highest priority on the safety of people and on protecting the environment.

58,528, or 80.69%, of the world's declared stockpile of 72,531 metric tonnes of chemical agent have been verifiably destroyed. (As at 31/12/2013)

4.97, or 57.32%, of the 8.67 million chemical munitions and containers covered by the CWC have been verifiably destroyed. (As at 31/12/2013)

Chemical weapons declared and destroyed

Chemical agent (metric tonnes) Munitions/containers (million items)
Declared 72,531 8.67
Destroyed 58,528 4.97
Last updated : 31/12/2013
Declared and inspected CW sites
  States Parties which have declared Facilities Declared Sites or Facilities Inspections Conducted Sites Inspected
Chemical Weapons Production Facilities 14 96 458 96
Chemical Weapon Destruction Facilities 6 39 1,628 37
Chemical Weapons Storage Facilities 8 47 477 47
Abandoned Chemical Weapons 4 34 84 36
Old Chemical Weapons 15 49 119 49
Total   265 2,766 265
  • From Entry into Force of the CWC (April 1997) until 31/12/2013, the OPCW has conducted 5,365 inspections on the territory of 86 States Parties, including 2,766 inspections of chemical weapon-related sites. 265 chemical weapon-related sites have been inspected out of a total of 265 declared.
  • 100% of the declared chemical weapons stockpiles have been inventoried and verified.
  • 180 initial declarations have been received.
  • 100% of the declared chemical weapons production facilities (CWPFs) have been inactivated. All are subject to a verification regime of unprecedented stringency. 65 of the 96 CWPFs declared to the OPCW have been either destroyed (43) or converted for peaceful purposes (22). 14 States Parties have declared CWPFs: Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, France, India, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Japan, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the Russian Federation, Serbia, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the United States of America, and another State Party.

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U.S. Acting Under Secretary Gottemoeller Visits the OPCW

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European Union Continues Support for the OPCW

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